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Ecuador: The Food

posted May 31, 2015, 10:27 PM by Julie Lawson
We ate so well in Ecuador, the food really needs its own blog entry. Most of our meals were prepared for us by Isabel but some were prepared by the women of Pijal as well. Either way, food definitely brings people together - even from different cultures - and unites and leads to laughter and friendship. 

We always had coffee available in the morning. In addition to cream and sugar, there was cocoa to scoop in as well! Breakfast usually included fresh fruit and oatmeal. Sometimes eggs or cornbread. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and sometimes had a soup course, the main dish, and a dessert. No siesta after either! Dinner for Ecuadorians is usually bread and coffee, but they served lunch meat to us as well since we're used to a little more in the evening. Any way you look at it, this was not a trip to lose weight on!

Enjoy some food pictures!

Enjoying each other's company for Bethany's 30th Birthday Party on June 7. Gathering around the table together really brings a group together (photo by Rene).

Lunch by Isabel on Saturday, June 7.

Lunch in Pijal on Sunday, June 8.

Another lunch by Isabel on Sunday, June 8. They put popcorn in their soup! (try it, you may like it)

Kendra and Ruth checking out a babaco fruit (which is in the dish in front of me, like pears but with a perfume scent).

Cafe time in the kitchen!

A typical dinner spread.

Breakfast by Isabel on Monday, June 9.

Lunch in Pijal on Monday, June 9.

Breakfast by Isabel on Tuesday, June 10.

Lunch in Pijal on Tuesday, June 10 (Cuy is on the left).

Another lunch in Pijal (at the daycare) on Tuesday, June 10.

Lunch by Isabel on Wednesday, June 11.

Lunch by Isabel on Friday, June 13.

Lunch at La Riobambenita on the way to Quito on Saturday, June 14.

Dinner in Quito on Saturday, June 14 - guess where!

Breakfast in Quito at Hotel Los Alpes on Sunday, June 15.

Lunch in Quito on El Panecillo on Sunday, June 15.

Dinner from El Brasero on Sunday, June 15.