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Ecuador Accommodations

posted May 12, 2015, 8:04 AM by Julie Lawson
We were welcomed as family into the home of Marilyn and Glenn, volunteers for FEDICE who are from Texas. They are an amazing couple. They came to Ecuador to volunteer for a year, and now they have settled into this beautiful home that they are sharing with us 4.5 years later. Glenn has cerebral palsy that affects his speech and motor movements, but not his wit or charm! He promotes FEDICE through his blog and their website - definitely check his blog out! An Ecuadorian family lives with them to help Marilyn with chores since she keeps busy caring for Glenn, teaching English to local preschoolers, and hosting mission groups. Isabella will be cooking for us, and her son and mother live here as well. They have a sweet dog, Canella (which means cinnamon) who lives here also. 

Also hosting us are staff and volunteers from FEDICE who are also staying with Marilyn and Glenn while we are here. Blanca, from Quito, Ecuador, is the director of FEDICE and heads up community relations, donor relations, communications, program development, and staff management. Lisa, who is from Oregon but lived most of her life as a missionary in Mexico, is a volunteer who helps with translating, hosting missionary groups, and designing Christian education modules. Finally, Bethany, from Oregon, is living in Ecuador for a year serving as an intern through Global Ministries. She's been here 5 months so far and is helping with communications and program design, including a scholarship fund for partner community members. 

So we have 8 representatives of the local ministry here to work with our EMI team of 7 - it is quite a house full but we fit comfortably and their stories are inspiring and their hearts are open. The house is in Otavalo with a beautiful view of a volcano, Imbabura. 

The front of the house

The dining room

View of Imbabura from in front of the house