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Day 3 Ecuador - Sunday June 8, 2014

posted May 31, 2015, 6:53 AM by Julie Lawson   [ updated May 31, 2015, 8:58 PM ]
We started the day with worship at the church we are serving in Pijal. It was a beautiful 2 hour service with abundant music. Some was in Spanish and some in Kichwa, a local language spoken by the indigenous Cayambi people. Some of the women of the church gave us a special performance. Then the kids, completely dressed up as farm animals, came in and gave a sweet performance as well! During regular worship songs, some of the members in the congregation contributed percussion as the guitar players and singers led on stage. Our team leader Steve gave the message for the day. The church has a visiting pastor come in to bless and give communion.  

After worship, we were treated to a meal prepared for us by the church - chicken, corn, and rice. It was very good! We played with the children and interacted the best we could given the language barrier. Before long, Luke was playing guitar and Ruth singing along with him, Llename - a beautiful song in spanish. They went through it once then everyone else joined in. Check out the video below for this awe inspiring impromptu moment! Music is truly a universal language, and when we all come together from different backgrounds and cultures to worship God - well, I can't describe the moment.

After our lunch and visit with the local church, we changed and went for a hike at Lago Cuicocha. This is a 3km wide crater lake at the foot of Cotacachi Volcano. The name means Guinea Pig Lagoon in English. It was a lot of fun taking in the beautiful sights with the team and really brought us closer. 

What an amazing day worshiping God, spending quality time with the local ministry we are serving, and bonding as a team!

Some women of the church shared their musical talents with us at worship.

The children of the church gave us a sweet and special performance also!

Si Tu Amas a Mi Cristo

After church.

The visiting pastor (photo by Kendra).

eMi team member Kevin being a human playground (photo by Rene).


eMi, FEDICE, and the Pijal church singing Llename.

Our eMi team at Lago Cuicocha. Left to right: Kevin, Steve, Ruth, Luke, Rene, Kendra, Julie